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The school is being run under the chairmanship of Dr Rajneesh Kumar who is M.Sc M.Phil. Ph.D Chemistry , has first good experience of getting higher education from Panjab University Campus Chandigarh . He has worked in HP Govt Education deptt as lecturer both in school and college cadre , as well having wide practical 40 years experience of life being successful industrialist . In the year 2014 he and Principal has completed International educational project personally visiting and staying in United Kingdom .


A playground, playpark, or play area is a place designed to provide an environment for children that facilitates play, typically outdoors.

Other Activities

Pradesh Public International School provides Music and Dance Classes .The annual function of the school becomes a memorable moment for all to see the talent of students on the stage.


A library is a collection of materials, books or media that are accessible for use and not just for display purposes. Today education is no longer a system of cramming.


The transport facilities in the school are optional and can be availed on extra payment.

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