Principal Message

Principal Message

Mrs. Santosh Chandel

Vice Principal


Vice Principal Message

"Transforming Ideas, Transforming Education"

“Every child is a different kind of flower. Altogether they make this world a beautiful garden.”

Pradesh Public International School Of Sciences is a school which brings about a continuous learning process among the students. All possible efforts are taken to ensure quality education. “Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young”, says Henry Ford.

In life, there are sequential stages of growth and development. A child learns to turn over, to sit up, to crawl, and then to walk and run. Each step is important and each one takes time. No step can be skipped. Therefore keeping all this in mind PPISS is undertaking a new venture each time in a unique way by introducing new methods of teaching and communication, thereby it is marching towards excellence to produce students as better citizens of this great country.

We also consider that it is our duty to build a high degree of ethical and moral responsibility in students. Therefore, we believe in giving roots of value to our pupils so that they remain firmly rooted to the ground or they can soar like falcons to touch the skies with their wings of ambition. Our faculty members fathom the fact that students are born with a powerful desire to learn. The need is to keep this powerful desire alive through innovative teaching, wherein they may try new ideas, experiment, various teaching pedagogical and methodologies.

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