Refund Policy

Cancellation / Refund Policy
There is no cancellation option for the Customer
In case of duplicate payment, the end user to approach accounts department for refund with proof of the transaction/ reference/ your bank statement.
Payments once paid are non-refundable. However, for exceptional cases the management holds the right to take the decision of refund.

Refund will be processed within 5 —7 working days, respective payment bill desk will send back to the issuing bank in batches for processing, which should approximately take 8 -9 working days, depending on issuing banks policies

IMPORTANT: By submitting a payment through the online — payment site you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. The institution may update these terms form time and any charges will be effective immediately on being set out here / WEBSITE.

Penalty for late payment of dues

  • Collecting fine is not the objective of the School, but late payment of payment has to be addresses as the School runs on the payment
  • The payment is payable monthly/quarterly, yearly and the information/bill is sent to the applicant.
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