Founder’s Message

Founder’s Message

Dr. Rajneesh Kanwar

Founder & Chairman

Founder Message

Our need and style of life has changed fastly since independence due to advancement in technology in the country. For further development and prosperity we require education full of passion and creativity right from Pre Nursery. There is no place other than school to learn life keeping in view its 14 years tenure of tender and teen age. We are based in village, working on large number of projects and aims at making PPISS first innovative school to share and spread our knowledge in the world.

Our global partnership is aimed at moulding young minds for global leadership. The infrastructure of the school is in pace with the relevant demands of global curriculam and at the same time for maintaining our cultural and ethical inheritance.

Young minds are the prospective architect of nation’s destiny. We stand committed to their all round development and well being.

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